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SPPF was founded with a view to filling a gap in the market for investors seeking generous returns through buy-to-let property, without the inconvenience of being a hands-on landlord.

The strategy of our portfolio is simple and straightforward, investor funds are used to purchase a diverse range of income-producing properties throughout the UK. The collective rental income is then distributed amongst investors to give a fixed-return over a 5-year period.

“We target existing rentable properties for immediate income and strong chance of long-term capital growth”.

We target existing rentable properties for immediate income with a strong chance of long term capital growth. Our team of experts understand the intricacies of the UK property market and is dedicated to the management of your portfolio. This gives you the opportunity to reap the rewards of property investing while we do the leg work.

Our Portfolio specialises in purchasing high yielding property for below market value prices. No complicated construction is undertaken, nor is there any reliance upon risky planning decisions. We believe simplicity is the key to mitigate risk for both the business and its investors.

Areas of high regeneration and potential capital growth are the primary focus for asset acquisition. It is in these areas that not only are properties often undervalued, but prices are such that attractive yields can still be achieved. The combination of affordable pricing and a solid rental market allows us to provide strong fixed returns to investors.

The UK property market is known globally for its long-term consistent growth, making SPPF perfectly positioned and skilled, to provide a hands-off property investment solution. Our mission is to provide an investment structure that puts an original slant on the age-old “bricks and mortar” wealth building strategy.

The Key Facts

The UK property market

Over the last 100 years UK property prices have consistently appreciated ahead of the rate of inflation. According to the UK Land Registry, in June 1980 the average UK property price was £20,044. 41 years later, in December 2021 it stands at £293,000 – a staggering increase of 1461%.

“Our business model leaves us perfectly positioned to capitalise on this future growth whilst allowing our investors to capitalise as well.”

In addition to this substantial capital growth, had you owned a buy-to-let property over this period, you would have also received 41 years of rental income.

The UK Residential Forecast for 2020, published by Knight Frank, stated that the private rental sector accounted for 4.5 million households and had doubled in size since 2002. We believe this is an ever-growing market that will continue to expand. Our business model leaves us perfectly positioned to capitalise on this future growth.

The average monthly rent in the UK is £980 per month which is an increase of over 35% from 2005 when the average was £640 pcm. Renting is the preferred option for an increasing number or young and middle-aged adults, as now, more than ever, they struggle to get onto the property ladder. This is causing an increase in rental demand which in turn increases rental prices. The Frank Knight UK Residential Forecast predicts there will be a 10% growth in rental prices between 2020 and 2024.

The population of the UK currently stands at 68 million people and is estimated to grow by a further 7 million in the next 10 – 15 years. Demand for property will continue to outstrip supply leading to further surges in the rental market. SPPF offer investors the ideal opportunity to benefit from this exponential growth.

“The average monthly rent in the UK is £980 per month which is an increase of over 35% from 2005 when the average was £640 pcm”


“I’m an international investor and my priority was to find an opportunity with yields higher than bonds with lower risk than investing in shares with a reasonable appreciation. Having a second home and a passive monthly income was also part of my objectives. I’m happy with the advice I’ve been given. I appreciate the transparency and clarity with SPPF.”


SPPF Investor

“When buying property, we have an open mind; If something is competitively priced and can give us a double-digit yield, we want to hear about it.”